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Contemporary Dance Company

When Jupiter and Saturn Met

Dance and video tell the fictional story of two supernatural observers studying a gathering of anonymous beings on the verge of a transmigration.


Most humans and animals alike have a natural primal drive to eventually leave one place in order to arrive at another that is more hospitable. The choreography references the concept of a mass pilgrimage and gathering through movement that indicates migration patterns, herding, and a sense of community. The movement also incorporates contrasting ideas of dispersal and scattering of a group. The inspiration for this concept stemmed from one of my previous works, Deciduous Urge. My original intention was to cultivate a concept based on select instinctive impulses of deterioration and growth found in humans, animals and nature alike. When Jupiter and Saturn Met explores the crossover of those two qualities and how they are suppressed or surrendered depending on the situation. The piece delves into the extremes of growth and deterioration; the positives and negatives of survival and succumbing.


When Jupiter and Saturn Met originally debuted as a live dance performance at On The Boards in Seattle Wa (2014). The twenty minute piece included film segments mixed in between dance sections. Later the piece was transformed into a dance film as well.

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Contemporary Dance Company

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