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Contemporary Dance Company

Herz to Herz

Herz to Herz is a live diptych that stylizes the process of heart beats. Beautifully fragile and machine-like, we are powered by a built in timekeeper. Two women travel a pathway inspired by our own internal electrical system. Soft geometric movements illustrate the balance of letting go and holding on.

Hypernova Full Res 1.jpg

PC: Witty Pixel Photography

Herz to Herz first debuted as a work in progress in New Year Lift Off presented by Yaw Theater (2019). Shortly after, it was performed again in an evening of mixed works for Alana O. Rogers RainWORKs also held at Yaw Theater. Herz to Herz most recent evolution was an expanded 30 minute version that was showcased  in the Seattle International Dance Festival (2019). 

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Contemporary Dance Company

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