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Eleven Eleven

Eleven Eleven: A High-Energy Meditation On Coincidence

Coincidence can be interpreted as fate, chance, accident or design. Dance, music, and film intersect to illuminate the moment when two unexpected things align in time and space. Inspired by 11:11, this piece explores the well-known symbol of synchronicity. A series of coincidental moments are highlighted within timing patterns, spatial relationships, and movement formations. Distinctly energetic choreography is matched with an imaginative musical score. Opposing views on coincidence are exaggerated through conceptual video vignettes, vibrant primary colored costumes, and playfully chic makeup.


PC: Jim Coleman

Choreography & concept by Rainbow Fletcher.

(movement score created in collaboration with cast)


Original music composed & performed by Dylan Rieck.

Original music produced by Dylan Rieck,

Jim Bergman and Peter Rodocker.



Matt Fish


Project Manager

Drew Santoro


Performed by: Christin Call, Ezra Dickinson, Danielle Doell, Madeleine Gregor, Summer Meyer, Alana O. Rogers, Drew Santoro, Lynn Tofil, Karyn Tobin, Maia Veague


This piece was made possible and generously supported by the following:

Base Subsidy Program, Anchor Tenancy Program at Velocity Dance Center, Case VanRig, Ron and Barbara Hammond, the Tobin Family, Deb Zaft Tofil, Jeff Sloane, Nicole Riddell, Marissa Quimby, Kate Vrigmoet, Drew Santoro, Hailey Burt, Paige Dean, Elizabeth Malone, Roger Kristian Jones, Robert Faulkner, Maris Antolin, Ashleigh Claire Miller, Corinne Sebren.

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