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Contemporary Dance Company

Bitter Suites

Bitter Suites mixes fact and fantasy in a coming of age story that celebrates the nostalgia of growing up. Imaginative movement, music, text, and visual design intersect in a dreamy, pastel landscape. This bittersweet story follows ten performers as they examine their own memories surrounding the inevitable transition from childhood innocence to self-aware adulthood. Iconic imagery and references from late 20th century pop culture heavily influence the costume, lighting, and set design. The original score meshes classical structure with instrumentation prevalent in the 80’s and 90’s.


PC: Jules Doyle

Choreography by Rainbow Fletcher.

Original concept created in collaboration with Randy Phillips.

Original music composed & performed by Dylan Rieck.

Original music produced by Dylan Rieck and Jim Bergman.

Select costumes featuring lettering by Dani Blackwell.


Project Manager (2018)

Drew Santoro


2018 cast: Rainbow Fletcher, Jess Klein, Ezra Dickinson, Drew Santoro, Lynn Tofil, Christin Call, Madeleine Gregor, Summer Meyer, Karyn Tobin, Maia Veague

2017 cast: Rainbow Fletcher, Jess Klein, Randy Phillips, Ezra Dickinson, Drew Santoro


This piece was made possible and generously supported by the following:

50/50 Co-presentation and Anchor Tenancy Programs at Velocity Dance Center, Case VanRig, El Camino Restaurant, Ron and Barbara Hammond, Kristofer Kalinczok, Bernadette Vrymoed, Jules Doyle,Teresa Klein, Jeff Sloane, Nicole Riddell, Jenna Abts, Lucas Mcnerthny, Llywelyn Graeme, Susan Wilkins,Barb Pahl, Daniel Stender, Joseph and Jessica Bittner, Jess Klein, Marissa Quimby, Krista Stackhouse, Andrea Larreta, Hannah Small, James Louie, Fumiko Murakami, June Sekiguchi, Elizabeth Malone, Matt Sears, Christine Lackie.

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